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SS Sultana before her boiler exploded, leading to the ASME VIII Code

Plant Failures

Dove Thermal has been investigating and reporting upon a wide variety of engineering and systems failures for over thirty years: from furnace plant to dyehouse emissions, ships' funnel fires to environmental noise, from boiler materials failure to furnace plant collapse.

Out-of-Court Resolutions

We have undertaken expert witness work in the U.K. and the United States since 1998, and may be relied upon to give accurate technical advice - especially where evidence must be ascertained, and is of complex technical character. We support crown court actions, and - while not all of our commissions are necessarily intended for formal litigation - help resolve civil disputes under ADR processes wherever practicable. We have an entirely successful case record as forensic engineers, and have been instrumental in facilitating out-of-court settlements and in most instances. For instance, we were able to help a householder obtain remediation - to our instructions - of her domestic heat pump system, a fish breeder with her pond tempering installation, and the owner of a flawed soft drinks production line.

Expert Witness

Where practicable, we act as Single Joint Witness under the Civil Procedure Rules - CPR - which stress the primary duty of an expert as being to the Court. As expert witness and forensic engineers, we have advised on cases of alleged criminal damage to plant and equipment, outbreaks of Legionnaires’ Disease, defective products and materials, and design faults in capital equipment. Singular instances concerned materials used in the renovation of a pair of steam ploughing engines, an appearance on the BBC’s watchdog programme, and the prosecution of an exporter of reclaimed white goods. These investigations and their resolutions are reported in separate pages at our main website. They detail some of our commissions related to forensic engineering, expert witness and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

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